Listing Guidelines

Members are defined as full Breeder Members or Provisional Breeder Members of MCBFA.
Provisional & full Breeder Members must be in good standing according to MCBFA rules.
Kittens - *NEW* now accepting kittens of any age.
Retirees - minimum of 8 months to list, and must be altered.
Prices will not be listed, that is between you and the buyer.
Each listing will remain on the site for approximately 3 months and removed without notice.
Your submission will be added to the site as quickly as possible, usually within the same day.
Do not email any attachments.

It is my intent to keep the listings as current as possible, so please notify me if you have placed your kitten or cat.

Email your submission to: Kitten Bank Submission  

Please use subject: Kitten Bank Submission

Members may submit listings to the kitten bank with the following:


Member Status:
Location (city, state, and country):
Phone number:
Email address:
Website address:
Kittens or Retiree:
Date of Birth:
Retiree Sex & Color:
Kitten#1 Sex & Color:
Kitten#2 Sex & Color:
Kitten#3 Sex & Color:
Kitten#4 Sex & Color:
Kitten#5 Sex & Color:
Kitten#6 Sex & Color:
Date of Submission:


Put the mouse at the beginning of what you want to copy and click the left mouse button, holding it down while you drag over the section.

Drag across or down. At the end of what you want copied, let go of the mouse button.
What you want to copy should be highlighted!
(If you goof, click the mouse button once to unhighlight, then start over.)

While it's highlighted, hold down the Ctrl key and hit the letter "c". This copies the highlighted part to an invisible clipboard.

Now go to where you want to paste it (new email). Put the cursor on that spot by clicking the left mouse button once. Now hold down the Ctrl key and hit the letter "v" to paste what you copied.


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