MCBFA Celebrates its Member's Achievements 

These Award Winning Cats were bred or owned by MCBFA Members. 
Cats are listed in the order the information was received. 

2008-2009 Winners


GC, RW Shubacoons Julia II 

CFA 2008-2009
3rd Best Maine Coon Kitten Nationally
6th Best Kitten in the North Atlantic Region  
Breeders: Paul & Ramona Shuba/Teresa Signore/
Edwin Sweeney/Timi & Lew Llewellyn
Owners: Paul & Ramona Shuba/Teresa Signore/Sue Storten


TICA 2008-2009
23rd Best Long Hair International Winner
8th Best Maine Coon Champion
 Best Maine Coon Champion NE Region
2nd Best Long Hair Champion NE Region
 Best Black Silver with White Champion NE 
 4th Best All Breed Cat NE Region
Breeder: Julie Spayde
Marjorie & Philip Berger

IW, RW SGC Koontucky Kactus Jack of Mainevu 

RW, SGC Howlyn October Sky of Mainevu
TICA 2008-2009
7th best Maine Coon Kitten
Best Maine Coon Kitten NE Region
2nd Best All Breed Kitten NE Region
2nd Best Long Hair Kitten NE Region
Breeder: Lynn Perlmutter & Howard Diener
Marjorie & Philip Berger

TICA 2008-2009
Best Allbreed Cat Great Lakes Region
Best Longhair Cat Great Lakes Region
Best Maine Coon Great Lakes Region
14th Best International Longhair
Best Female Maine Coon International
Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
Breeder: Walburga Petz
Owner: Liz Hansen


LA, IW, RW, SGC Witchcraft Flash Fire of Chemicoons

RW GC LAPD Iron II Oxide of Chemicoons
TICA 2008-2009
5th Best Kitten Great Lakes Region
Best Maine Coon Kitten Great Lakes Region
3rd Best Maine Coon Cat Great Lakes Region
Breeders: Emmons/Melinda Brown
Owner: Liz Hansen

TICA 2008-2009 
10th Best Alter Great Lakes Region
Best Maine Coon Alter Great Lakes Region
Breeder: Liz Hansen
Owners: Tom & Betsy Vorbeck

RW, SGCA Chemicoons Gunner Blue

GC, RW Nascat Rev-Up N Fire Thru

CFA 2008-2009
National 3rd Best Agility Cat
16th Best Kitten in Gulf Shore Region
Breeder: Donna Hinton
Owner: Johanna Uuranto

CFA 2008-2009
6th Best MC Kitten Nationally
6th Best Kitten in Gulf Shore Region
B/O: Donna Hinton

GC, RW Nascat Daytona Dash

GC, GP, NW Nascat Gwydion-of-Gradach

CFA 2008-2009
23rd Best Premiership Cat in Gulf Shore Region
B/O: Donna Hinton/Cathy Walker

TICA 2008-2009
10th Best Alter Internationally
2nd Best Alter Northeast Region
Best Maine Coon Alter Internationally
Breeder: Sharon Stegall
Owners: Tereasa Brainerd/Tom Peterson


IW, SGCA Dracoonfly Finbar Conneff

RW, SGC Tanstaafl Mickey Finn of Dracoonfly

TICA 2008-2009
 11th Best AB Champion Northeast Region
4th Best LH Champion Northeast Region
Breeder: Beth Hicks
Owner: Sharon Stegall/Marge & Phil Berger

CFA 2008-2009
9th Best Premier Nationally
Best Maine Coon in Premiership Nationally
2nd Best Premier Great Lakes Region Breeders: Teresa Signore-Susan Odom
 Owners: Teresa Signore-Edwin Sweeney


GP, NW Verismo Domingo of Highlande

GP, RW Highlander Tony Bennnett of Wenlock

CFA 2008-2009
16th Best Kitten Great Lakes
5th Best Maine Coon Kitten Nationally
Breeders: Teresa Signore-Edwin Sweeney
Owners: John and Megan Heimstra

CFA 2008-2009
12th Best
Kitten Great Lakes

4th Best Maine Coon Kitten Nationally
Breeders: Teresa Signore-Edwin Sweeney
Owner: Bethany Colilla



GC RW Highlander Mama Mia of Believers


IW, SGC Mainelyclassic Rocky of Broadsway

TICA 2008-2009
 6th Best Kitten Internationally
2nd Best Maine Coon Kitten Internationally
Best Maine Coon Kitten Southeast Region
2nd Best Kitten Southeast Region
Best Maine Coon Southeast Region
8th Best Cat Southeast Region
4th Best Longhair Southeast Region
Breeder:  Rae Sammis
Owners:  Jennifer Sable/Jean Thompson



TICA 2008-2009
 18th Best Kitten Southeast Region
19th Best Longhair Southeast Region
B/O: Jennifer Sable/Jean Thompson


RW, DGC Broadsway Hollis


RW, SGCA Mainlysilver Roxbury of Broadsway

TICA 2008-2009
 14th Best Alter Southeast Region
Breeder:  Bonnie/Mike Pilar
Owners:  Jennifer Sable/Jean Thompson



TICA 2008-2009 
15th Best Alter Southeast Region
Breeders: Jennifer Sable/Jean Thompson
Owners:  Alan & Janie Harris


RW, SGCA Broadsway Redford of RoyalLions


RW, SGC Broadsway RedCorvette of Cascademtn

TICA 2008-2009
Best Maine Coon Cat Northwest Region
12th Best Cat Northwest Region
4th Best Longhair Northwest Region
Breeders:  Jennifer Sable/Jean Thompson
Owners:  Susan & Blair Milburn


2007-2008 Winners



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